The Usefulness of Remote Desktop Software

How Useful is Remote Desktop Software and Are There Any Security Concerns?

If you are on a leave and an urgent need comes up for which it would be necessary to access your office computer, then what you would do? In such situation, a remote desktop software will become quite useful and you will be able to complete the work without having to go to the office to access your computer. 
Let us go through few of the benefits of such software and whether they are safe to use.

Usefulness of Remote Desktop Software

remote desktopRemote desktop software is the right option in case you are telecommuting and there is a need to get access to office PC from your home. Similarly, such remote access will be necessary when an IT firm has to control computers remotely to solve computer issues and problems. Some remote access software also offers functionality such as web conferencing which can be used for other purposes such as giving demos, to work on group projects or to take classes with people in different locations.

Is it safe to use remote desktop software?

If you are able to connect to a computer then it is possible that someone else may also access your computer and access your confidential information. However, the good thing is that remote desktop software has required security details which you can customize according to your requirements.
Few of the security features that are commonly implemented include:
• Blanking off host machine's screen while it is being accessed so that others in the office cannot see what you are working on.
• Locking up mouse and screen.
• Disconnect a session when it is inactive for a certain amount of time so that someone cannot use it in case you accidentally forget to log out of a session.

Secure Transmission and IP Filtering

Another security requirement necessary when remote desktop is used consists of ensuring data transmissions are properly secured. Normally, remote access software implements encryption (128-bit or 256-bit) to ensure the safety of your information.
Such encryption provides necessary protection from outside attacks without hampering performance in any way.
Remote client software have other features such as IP filtering which can be used for blocking access from specific computers in case it becomes necessary to do so.

Analysis of Functional Aspects

Any good remote desktop software lets users share files as well as access applications present on the host system. Similarly, there should be an option which will allow you to work with multiple monitors at a time. Another function you need to look for is known as grouping which is used for simultaneously accessing several remote desktops. This way, IT administrators can trouble or install software on multiple computers without the need to visit each of the locations where computers are located.
Moreover, these support cross-platform access which means you do not have to worry about accessibility problems in case one of the machines is a Mac and the other is a Windows machine.

In Conclusion

As we can see, remote desktop software is certainly quite useful and has necessary security features to ensure the safety of data while you are remotely accessing a computer.