A Guide to Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

If you live in London and considering the available wardrobe options, you might consider going through an informative guide to bespoke fitted wardrobes in London. After going through the guide, you shall be able to know the numerous benefits bespoke fitted wardrobes have over free standing units, the wide range of designs and styles available, the ball park figure it costs to get such wardrobes as well as how they add value to your home. 

Benefits of fitted wardrobes

Bespoke fitted wardrobes have advantages over the free standing ones because they take into consideration the space available in your house. Since they are tailor-made, you decide how much space they should occupy as well as their actual position. This means you can have them fitted even in the most awkward spaces like the chimney breasts or eaves. By utilizing such space, you create more space in your house for other purposes, which most generic, free standing wardrobes don't allow. Depending on your needs, you still have the option of adding some bespoke features such as mirrors, safes, shelves and even the foldable work tables in order to create a compact office space. Consequently, you can minimize your space requirements by choosing to have your wardrobes fitted in the often unused spaces. This in turn greatly helps you reduce your rent costs if you live in a rented apartment because you won't need a very spacious house to accommodate your wardrobes.

The other benefit of bespoke fitted wardrobes is that they ensure you make the most out of the available floor space in the room, be it the attic room with ceilings or an oddly shaped room with many alcoves. That said, it necessarily doesn't mean that these wardrobes are a preserve of the rooms with a lot of crannies and nooks. You can use them to add a classic designer touch to your master bedrooms, children's bedroom or guest rooms. 

Types of bespoke fitted wardrobes

You can choose from three available options of fitted wardrobes: bi-fold doors, pivot doors and sliding doors to cater to your specific needs. The designs of the wardrobes can be space-saving alcove closets, wall-to-wall executive suites or traditional two-door robes with mirror panels. There is a wide range of natural colors to choose from such as chocolate, coffee, pine or caramel. Apart from those wood colors, you can consider bold colors like eye-catching primary colors or red and black geometric patterns or. As seen, the possibilities of getting different designs and colors are limitless with bespoke fitted wardrobes. 

The cost of bespoke fitted wardrobes

There is no fixed cost of getting bespoke fitted wardrobes in London. The beauty of them is that you decide the size you want. As such, you can keep on adjusting the specs to a point where they match what you want to spend. 

Adding value to your home with fitted wardrobes

Installing fitted furniture in your house is an excellent way of improving your horn. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are such furniture that can add value to your home because they are custom-made. When creatively made, they incorporate both beauty and style in your house.