The Best Self Defense Weapons for Unarmed Security Guards

Often time’s unarmed best security guards  find themselves in potentially dangerous or violent situations with someone who is armed and/or dangerous. Because their resources are limited in terms of weaponry, they may have to resort to regular, unassuming items that are part of everyday life to help gain some leverage and protect themselves.

The Best Self Defense Weapons for Unarmed Security Guards

Here are some of the sources of self-protection for defenses:

Keys: keys can be a powerful weapon despite being a thing that most of us would not think to use in a manner. They are among the few things that guards may have on their person at any time.

When held with the ends pointing out between your palms, keys give a defense or as reassurance when in a compromising situation, and can simulate weapons like brass knuckles.

Pens: A pencil is one that's very likely to be within reach in several environments, but also a last-resort sort of weapon. It comes into play when there is a man or woman caught in a situation where they have to employ a method of self-protection.

The tip of a pencil can do some serious damage regardless of the nature of such a situation, can be a saving grace in an attack of aggression or violence, and when applied with amazing force.

Flashlights: Though most security guards aren't allowed to carry its normal for them to take flashlights when working in a place that has dim or poor light or at night. A flashlight can function as a resource for a guard who's in a situation though it isn't meant to be used a weapon. Flashlights are often heavy ones made of metal or steel.