Tips For Choosing the Best Wedding Reception Venue

How to Select the Right Wedding Reception Venue

There is no dearth of wedding reception venues, which makes finding the right one a difficult as well as a time-consuming endeavor. Moreover, the task will become even harder if you do not have any experience in booking reception venues since you will not be aware of questions that you need to ask or aspects that need to be checked. Our aim here will be to give you a brief insight into few of the important questions that you should ask to find the right reception venue.

Finding Wedding Reception Venues

Questions About Reception

  • wedding reception venuesWhat is the amount of time that is allowed for each reception?
  • Is there a time limit within which reception is to be finished? Any extra charges if reception goes beyond fixed time?
  • Is there any other event scheduled at the same time your wedding reception will be held?

Special Restrictions

  • Will wedding reception venues permit you to use fireworks?
  • Are there any restrictions regarding photography or videography?

Alcohol and Bar Service

  • Will the reception venue provide alcohol and bar service?
  • Does the venue provide bartenders?
  • Will you be obligated to pay for unopened bottles after reception finishes?
  • Is there any kind of corkage fees that is to be paid?

Restroom and Changing Room 

  • Do wedding reception venues have changing rooms? Will the bride be allowed to use the same?
  • Do you find restrooms to be clean?
  • Are fixtures in the restroom functioning properly?


  • Do you find the reception venue to be attractively decorated? Will the same decoration remain when your reception is held at the venue?
  • Are there any plans for remodeling or decoration of the venue when your reception is scheduled?
  • Is the venue ready to share photos from earlier wedding receptions that have taken place at the venue? 
  • Can wedding reception venues be ready to provide things like napkins, table covers, sashes, seat covers, candelabras and other items?
  • Will reception venue provide place cards, seating plans, etc. for your wedding reception?


  • What are the rules in case guests attending the reception are less than what was earlier planned?
  • Will pricing be kept fixed even after booking is finalized for the venue?
  • What is included in the final price?
  • Is there any need to pay a deposit amount? Can the deposit be paid in part and when will it be necessary to pay balance amount?
  • Is there any requirement to pay for cake cutting fees?

Other Features

  • Is there handicap access available at reception venue?
  • Will the venue cost of linens and glassware in the final price?
  • Does the venue have liability insurance? Will it be sufficient for your reception?

In Conclusion

To summarize we will say that selecting the right reception venue is critical to the success of the event and by asking the above-mentioned questions you will be able to find the right venue.