A Brief Guide On The Roles And Responsibilities Performed By A Chiropractor

A chiropractor is a health-care professional who has expertise in analyzing and treating disorders related to musculoskeletal system i.e. ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendons. 

Chiropractors do not treat via oral medication because they believe that various health problems are rooted in the misalignment or subluxation of the spinal cord. 

Chiropractors are those medical professionals which usually prefer doing private practice or it may be found working in healthcare clinics. 

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Do not get confused with a chiropractor and a physical therapist

A chiropractor has extensive diagnostic training while a physical therapist has a therapeutic or intervention-based education. 

Chiropractic stream deals mainly with spine management, whereas body movement & muscle adjustment, therapeutic exercise, including modalities are the areas in which a physical therapist particularly deals with.

What does a chiropractor do?

As a medical professional, he will treat the patient only after assessing and diagnosing him. 

• He trails a step-by-step guide to aid a person to get rid of his musculoskeletal pains. 

• Initially, he will take the patient's therapeutic history, do physical required diagnoses and ask the patient to get all the necessary tests which will include X-rays and MRI. 

• Next, a treatment plan will be made that will comprise of massage, exercises, or other forms of physical therapy. 

• Thirdly, he will advise for few more tests for vitamin and mineral deficits and if required will suggest some supplements that can treat the recognized imbalances.