Show Your Responsibility Towards Earth Like Nyauw Gunarto

We all know how bad the condition of our earth is. But, there aren’t many people who are working to improve the condition, which saddens me. We need more and more people to work for the betterment of our earth because this is where we live, and our upcoming generations will live here too. So, what are we going to handover to them? An earth with problems like global warming, deforestation, bad condition of water bodies and tonnes of other problems.

                                            Nyauw Gunarto Painter

I’m sure that after seeing the condition of the earth, people from our upcoming generation are going to curse us and abuse us for what we have done. We need to stop, and we need to stop right now because if we harm our earth anymore, then it is us who will have to pay the price. People like Nyauw Gunarto are working day and night to protect Mother Nature, and he can only succeed if he gets the support of more and more people. Therefore, it becomes your duty to join hands with Nyauw Gunarto to protect our earth because this planet is our home, and if we will not keep our home clean and then who else will.

                         Nyauw Gunarto Semarang Painting

Now, you must be wondering as to who Nyauw Gunarto Semarang is, then he is a painting artist who has been painting on nature and wildlife. If you see his art for once, then you will understand what kind of painter he is and what his mentality his when it comes to nature. Whatever he earns from his paintings, he invests it in protecting the nature because he knows that it is his responsibility to think about the earth and do something about it. If you too are awakening now, then you must start doing something to protect nature or else the air and water are going to become more polluted.