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Emery Board and Why Every Cat Owner Needs One

You understand how we use nail files to file our nails down after we've given them a much-desired trim? We don't just file our nails to give them the shape they need, we also down them to serve another purpose – keeping them dull. Well, the same thing applies to our pets, or even more so because unlike our claws that aren't in any event likely to cause that much harm if they're not kept blunt, pets claws are distinct. To get more detail about cat boarding you can visit http://tyvy.com/cat-boarding/.

Emery Board and Why Every Cat Owner Needs One

Using their sharp claws on all four paws, those claws are far more prone to causing harm in comparison to our claws, which explains why your pet should have an emery board which may help keep its claws dull. For those who have a cat in your house, for example, you would need one of them around since cats are more than well known for their inclination to scratch the furniture if they cannot find a different outlet for them to claw on.

The emery board kitty scratcher is precisely what your precious kitty requirements because these specially designed scratching posts for cats are made to match them perfectly.

Strong, sturdy and supple enough to encourage even cats of the larger breed or variety, these emery board cat scratchers will provide your cat with hours of endless amusement for itself, clawing off to its hearts content in the comfort of your home, and save you the trouble of having to shell out money at expensive pet salons trimming your cats claws when it can easily be done in your home.