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Dumb Cat Stops Cat Urine Odor

Because three years of university research and one year of veterinary field testing proves Dumb Cat stops cat urine odor stains permanently. People want to know what I used when I spent more hours than I care to remember cleaning up Scout’s cat urine puddles. I tried them all – more than once, with the same results. However, as a cat owner, you need to stop cat from marking with urine.

Dumb Cat Anti-Spray and Marking is smarter than it sounds. The unique enzyme formula only targets cat urine and permanently removes it. The Dumb Cat enzymes attack the five bacterial components in cat urine and literally “eats” them up.

Because the bacteria is gone, so is the cat urine smell and stain. Forever. Go to any pet store, and the enzyme cleaners you can buy use a formula that’s more 30 years old. The enzymes and bacteria in these enzyme cleaners weren’t meant to clean cat urine or cat spray.

They were originally made to clean up blood enzymes.

The old formula used by many enzyme cleaner manufacturers is:



Isopropyl Alcohol

Citrus Fragrance

The alcohol dries up the stain and temporarily removes the cat urine odor smell.

However, since the bacteria in the cat urine (which causes the horrible smell) isn’t completely removed,

the smell returns. Since this is your home, and you’re used to its odor, you don’t notice when the cat urine smell returns. But somebody visiting notices it immediately. If you’re lucky, and they’ve been raised right, they won’t comment.

Water-based enzyme cleaners are most effective if they’re used within one hour of being mixed in the bottle.

Chances are you probably don’t buy directly from the manufacturer on the same day the cleaner is made. This is why you have to keep applying the cleaner over and over again to get rid of the cat urine odor in your home.

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