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Healthy Fruity Meals at Smoothie King

One of my current favorite places to eat is Smoothie King. I love the simple fact that after I leave Smoothie King I feel very full but also healthier and guilt- free. Smoothie King smoothies are delicious and keep me satisfied for many hours. I have also experienced healthy weight loss from eating at Smoothie King. In addition to the great smoothies, visiting SmoothieInsight also offers other benefits.

Smoothie King has a complete line of dietary supplemental products. These products include vitamins and capsules to help you lose weight, increase energy and enhance immune function. There are also products to help you build muscle. Smoothie King offers Total Body Multi for Men and Total Body Multi for Women, which include over seventy vitamins each. Also offered is All- Day Energy Rapid Boost which has many fruit ingredients and assists in increasing energy. Energy Green Vitamin contains B vitamins as does the Smoothie King Liquid B-12. These are good energy sources. Also promoting energy is Smoothie King Gladiator which increases protein absorption. For people interested in weight loss, Smoothie King offers the Weight Loss Formula which includes an appetite suppressant and a fat burner. Also of interest would be the Acai Berry Cleanse and Flush, which makes your stomach flatter. Smoothie King offers a VIP membership that entitles you to fifteen percent savings on nutritional products and twenty percent savings the first Tuesday of every month. This would be a good way to save money on the purchase of vitamins and supplements.

The supplements are great, but what brings me back to Smoothie King time after time is the delicious smoothies themselves. They are thick, cold, creamy and fresh every single time. The first Smoothie King smoothie was created by Stephen Kuhnau in response to his horrible food allergies. He became much healthier as he consumed his special blend smoothies. He began selling them in 1973. Smoothie King offers a very extensive menu of smoothie choices. Virtually any fruit you like is offered. They are generally broken down into categories as follows: Stay Healthy, Get Energy, Build Up, Snack Right and Indulge. There is also a special selection for the children.

I believe that in these times many of us are uncertain of the nutritional value of the food we eat. It is wise to choose healthy fruits as a meal choice. At least if we have smoothies it is one way to know that we are getting in the required amount of daily fruit in our diets. Increasing healthy fruit consumption could only prove to be a beneficial dietary change.